Opportunities to Serve

God would not give us talents, abilities, and life experiences if He did not want us to use them for His glory. We are saved to serve Him! At Gateway Church, there are a number of opportunities in which you can engage your serving capabilities for the Lord, the church, others, and our community.
The listing below is provided to help you determine which serving area appeals to you and best fits your “SHAPE” (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experiences). As the Lord leads you, please contact the leader of your desired service area to inform them that you are interested in being a ministry team member!
Greeter  & Guest Services
Leader: Amanda Jones 
Coffee Shop
Leader: Greg Holestin (gholestin@outlook.com)
Nursery (Baby)
Leader: Amber Pace (apace@gatewaycrusaders.com)
Nursery (Toddler)
Leader: Rebecca Bernal (rlbernal01@gmail.com)
Nursery (Preschool)
Leader: Janet Postlewaite (japostlewaite@gatewaycrusaders.com)
Kids Worship (Sunday)
Leader: Paula Patrick (ppatrick@gatewaycrusaders.com)
Kids Construction Zone (Wednesday)
Leader: Freda Cory (flcluvsbac@gmail.com)
Upward Sports Soccer 
Leader: David Postlewaite (jdpostlewaite@gatewaycrusaders.com)
Senior Saints
Leader: Eva Jo Dove (evajodove@cox.net)
Leader: Mike Minter (mikedminter@gmail.com)
Media (Visual)
Leader: Joshua Horne
Worship (Singer, Band, Drama) 
Leader: Greg Harrell (gharrell@gatewaycrusaders.com)
Leader: Brent Patrick
Leader: Sue Buschman
Benevolence Hospitality
Leader: Sam Postlewaite (spostlewaite@gatewaycrusaders.com)
Leader: Rick Edwards (mdepart@gatewaychurchvb.org)